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Last week, we suggested a few economics blogs as resources.  This week, we’re turning our focus to blogs that address topics related to personal finance and financial literacy.

These blogs were all winners of the Plutus Awards at the 5th Annual FinCon Expo, a peer conference for the financial media community.

Best New Personal Finance Blog: Listen, Money Matters!

2014-10-1-Listen-money-mattersAndrew Fiebert and Matt Giovanisci hail from New England, and they have self-proclaimed themselves a personal finance nerd and a reformed debt addict, respectively. Together, they explore money issues and share their research and learning with the purpose of helping others along the same path towards financial freedom and early retirement. They also maintain a podcast.

Best-Kept Secret Personal Finance Blog: Free From Broke

2014-10-1-Free-from-brokeGlen Craig used to live paycheck-to-paycheck, drowning in credit card debt. He turned it around by reigning in spending, taking his job seriously, contributing to his 401(k), and moving back in with his parents to pay off debt.  Today, he is a father of four who is building wealth, not debt.

Best Entrepreneurship Blog: My Wife Quit Her Job

2014-10-1-My-wife-quit-her-jobDespite his electrical engineering degree from Stanford and her economics degree from US Davis, Steve and Jennifer Chou were in unsatisfying careers tracks until they decided to launch an online business together.  They share entrepreneurial lessons on their blog and podcast.

Best Blog for Teens/College Students/Young Adults: TeensGotCents

2014-10-1-Teens-got-centsEva Baker was just 16 when she started her blog, after being inspired by Dave Ramsey’s interesting and fun approach to planning and budgeting finances. The site is dedicated to other teens who want to be smart financially and features categories such as ShoppingCents, CollegeCents, and a section called MomCents written by a regular contributor from an adult’s perspective. Eva asks, “Why wait to live a centsible life?”

Check out all 120+ finalists for even more inspiration and resources!


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